Kegging the Dopplehop

Kegging the Dopplehop

The “Dopplehop,” which we never gave a proper name, is an experiement in the SMASH style (or single malt and single hop). A Gingerbeards Brewing collaboration brewed on 4/28/13.

Basic Stats:

  • 14 lb Vienna malt
  • 4 oz Perle hops
  • Wyeast 2206 (x2)

OG: 1.071 | FG: 1.019

We didn’t document the brew day on this one, but I do have video of the fermentation the morning after (it wasn’t exactly unexpected). My apologies for the sparse, gravelly-voiced narration; I’m really not a morning person.


Matty demonstrating his multi-tasking skills with a Hans Pils.

The guys make sure they get every last drop.


Now on to the tasting…


It’s an interesting beer, but not what any of us expected going in to the brew day. It’s got a lot of butterscotch to it, has some bitterness, and I wouldn’t describe it as particularly “hoppy.”