Weekday Meals: CSA Breakfast Scramble

Weekday Meals: CSA Breakfast Scramble

I love when work requests we take telecommute days to free up parking spaces… and breakfast is a great example why. If I were at work, I’d be eating a bowl of instant oatmeal and having a cup, or five, of (most likely yesterday’s) mediocre coffee. And I’d be hungry an hour later. Working from home, I can cook up something like this egg scramble, which is not difficult or time consuming, but definitely fresher and more satisfying.

I joined Green Gate Farms CSA a little late in the season, but we may still have a few weeks for veggies. We also joined the meat CSA, so expect some posts on that later.

Here’s a look at the goods:

The method I use for “scrambles” is one I picked up as a hostess in a hotel restaurant that had a big Sunday brunch buffet. The omelet station chefs started with butter, added any chopped up veggies or meat fixins, then added the egg and topped with cheese. I have a hard time maintaining the perfect omelet shape with all the stuff I like to add in, so the scramble consistency works better for me.

So start with butter in the pan. Add in the chopped up veggies. I went with potato, red pepper, and mushroom. Seasoned with garlic powder, Hungarian hot paprika, and salt and pepper.

Added in some squash and jalapeño. Next, pour in the delicious World’s Best Eggs, thanks to our friends at Coyote Creek Farm. We’ve been to the farm and can confirm those chickens are living the good life!

I finished it off with cheese, chopped spinach, tomato, avocado, and green onion. A little hot sauce never hurt either. Garnish with strawberries and basil. And let’s not forget the coffee. Freshly aero-pressed Ruta Maya americano (not yesterday’s swill that’s been kept warm by the heat generated from the copy room machines).