Thirsty Planet 3rd Anniversary Party

Thirsty Planet 3rd Anniversary Party

Better late than never! A write-up of our trip to Thirsty Planet Brewing Company for their 3rd Anniversary Party on June 22, 2013.

Our friend tipped us off the morning tickets went on sale for the Thirsty Planet 3rd Anniversary party. I’d never been to the brewery, but had had their mainstay beers around town: Thirsty Goat Amber, Yellow Armadillo Wheat, and Buckethead IPA. Plus, we love a good beer party. So Matt receives the call from our friend a few minutes before 10am. Tickets “officially” go on sale at 10 and Matt starts calling. He doesn’t get through. After a number of unsuccessful re-dials and the Facebook page indicating that many people are trying to accomplish the same thing, we come to the conclusion that going to the brewery is the best bet. Matt selflessly volunteers. He also grabs the dogs so the trip won’t be completely in vain, even if he returns empty-handed. Our dogs love truck rides. But he didn’t return empty-handed…and was even rewarded with a beer for making the effort to show up in person. There was some frustration evident from folks trying to get through on the phone lines and the limited number of tickets that were available. I understand how it can be disappointing when you can’t get through; we’ve been on the losing end of that game before. However, capping the number of tickets at 150 made this event so much more enjoyable than similar events we have attended in the past.

Here’s what we got for our $40 ticket: an awesome stenciled stainless steel 1/2 gal growler, food (Little Fattys Gorditas), music, and all the beer we could drink (which is kind of a lot). The additional benefits, hinted at above, included short lines and wait times, plenty of seating and open space, and patrons and staff genuinely having a good time (or faking it really well).

[The Carter Bros. and The Watkins may not have appreciated my taking a photo, but I guarantee they were appreciating some beer!]

Yes, some of the rare specialty beers ran out quickly, but I don’t think anyone could have left this event feeling short-changed. The value we received for the price of admission was just incredible. As a result, we stuck around until closing time, spent money on merchandise, and left spreading the good word about Thirsty Planet and their beers.

Let’s get to the beer!

My Untappd digital memory reads something like this: English Mild, Franklin Smoked Porter, Pail Head, Perle IPA, Thirsty Goat, Yellow Armadillo…and probably some others I failed to check into as my BAC started to look like an exponential curve.


A warm day gave way to a beautiful sunset and pleasant evening.



We knew there would be a food truck on site, but didn’t realize it was free…nice surprise!

[Can you spot the super moon through the window?]


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Thirsty Planet, and went to the Growler Room the next day to break in our new growlers.
@karbachbrewing Love Street kölsch. Went to @GrowlerRoom to fill up the new @THIRSTY_PLANET growler.