Canning Peppers

Canning Peppers

This year has been dismal for us in terms of gardening. Due to squirrel-crazy dogs, a compromised fence (also due to dogs…or one dog in particular) and other priorities (like getting married), our largest raised bed sits as just a barren flat of dirt.

In our smaller garden areas we’ve been able to sustain some herbs and pepper plants. Sometimes the peppers even produce more than we can pick. As the pile in our kitchen grew larger and we got additional mixed bags of peppers from our CSA, we decided to pickle/can them.

I have never canned anything. Matty attempted it once, but he was not happy with the end result. So, a recipe seemed like a good place to start. I went to our little beer-and-food-centric home library and opened the Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry book. I figured the recipe for pickled jalapenos would work just as well here for our pequins, thai chiles, and assorted green peppers.

The tub of water takes a while to boil, so get that going early.

While the jars are sanitizing (sitting in boiling water), prep the ingredients. In this case, the peppers were pretty much set, we just smashed them. This was everything that went into the pickling mixture:

Pack the peppers down into the jars, then pour the liquid mixture over them. Yes, they’ll float. I’m assuming that’s okay, just use a spoon or something to try and eliminate air bubbles.

Heat the lids (to activate the gummy seal around the edge), then place them on the jars and pop them in the water so it covers the tops.

They cook for a few minutes, then remove them (jar grabbers are really helpful here…). Place them somewhere to sit overnight. The next day, check that they are sealed. If you press down in the center of the lid and it doesn’t move, you should be okay to store them in a cool, dark place somewhere. If you are able to press the lid down and they have not sealed, put them in the fridge.

Ours are sealed, but I have no idea how they’ll taste. We’re giving them a little time first.