DIY Firepit

DIY Firepit

Matty’s New Year’s Eve project: a firepit for the backyard.

  • 46 blocks from the rumble stone line at Home Depot
  • 5 bags of red lava rock
  • 2 bags of crushed limestone (Leftover from fence project. Keep limestone away from direct contact with fire.)
  • Landscape block adhesive
  • Shovels, picks, rake, wheelbarrow, and level
  • Lay out a third of the stones in a circle for placement
  • Mark the outer edge all the way around
  • Remove stones and dig out the circle to a depth of a stone’s height
  • We have dense clay soil, so we used the limestone mixed in with some dirt to help place and level the stones. Use a level to check that they are pretty even all around
  • Use the landscape block adhesive and place the next layer on top. Repeat for the final layer. We chose to offset the layers.
  • Fill in the center with the lava rock
  • Enjoy a toasty warm fire in your back yard!