About Us

Tiny House Farmstead is the future vision of a sustainable farm comprised of brewing, vegetable gardening, goat herding, free range chickens, cheesemaking, BBQ, baked goods, and more.

We (Matt and Christina) started homebrewing out of our “Tiny House” in Austin, TX in 2012. With an avid appreciation for craft beer, we wanted to see what we could produce ourselves. We enjoy the process of learning how things work and experimenting along the way. Austin is a great city, particularly for those who enjoy local craft beer, but we are hoping to someday find a rural piece of land we can call our own.

Tiny House Brewing is the first step and definitely a passion of ours, but we are still novice brewers. Our “brew count” is about 7 or 8 batches (as of May 2013). We will also be exploring and developing other cottage industry interests toward the ultimate goal of establishing Tiny House Farmstead.

Other fun facts: We enjoy a good hockey game. We love our two mutts, Ginger and Bertie, and occasionally foster for Austin Pets Alive! when space and time permit. We like to travel, especially when there’s an interesting bar or brewery along the way.